Great Lakes Teardrops
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We design and manufacture the best Un-plugged, Off-Grid, Off-Road teardrop camping trailers.

The open road. Two-lane blacktop, a dotted stripe running down the middle like an ellipsis begging the question: where to? It is human nature to journey, to explore, but we're also used to the conveniences of home. The perfect solution: Great Lakes Teardrops. Go anywhere, but go there in style. These adaptable camper trailers can take you to the middle of nowhere, to the ends of the earth, and get you there and back comfortably.

Popularized by Airstream in the 1940s and ‘50s, teardrop trailers offer a smaller, more fuel-efficient alternative to oversize RVs and motorhomes. Complete with a roomy bed for two and a galley kitchen sheltered from the elements, and updated with modern materials and technology, Great Lakes Teardrops are fully customizable to your desires. Because the one thing that hasn’t changed since the ‘40s is the urge to hit the road.



Great Lakes Teardrops offers a completely re-engineered and updated version of the original teardrop trailer, with modern materials and technologies, while maintaining a hand fit and finish.

 All models come standard with all the items listed in this FACT SHEET. Great Lakes Teardrops is exclusively shot blasting all of the Chassis, Epoxy Primer coated, and then Powder Coat is baked on. All trailers are FOB Lowell, MI. Delivery to the Continental U.S. is available.

You can call or e-mail us today to get your trailer "rolling" and become one of the many "happy campers" to own a Great Lakes Teardrops trailer.

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